Dog Boarding

0-20 lbs.         $29.00/night

21-50 lbs.       $31.00/night

51-100 lbs.     $32.00/night

100+ lbs.        $34.00/night

Cat Boarding

All Cats         $17.00/night

Additional Services

Walks                   $10.00/each    Departure Bath   $14.00-$30.00 Daycare               $5.00/Hr.   Grooming             Varies by Breed

Deposit now required for Holiday reservations.

Important Notes

  • Current Vaccinations are Required for ALL Services
  • Rampart Kennels is NOT Responsible for Lost or Damaged Belongings
  • Original Containers are Required for ALL Medication Administered
  • Please Let Us Know About Any Known Allergies or Medical Issues Upon Check In
  • We Strive to Maintain a Clean and Sanitary Environment for the Animals, However, Occasionally Pets May Contract the Airborne Virus, Bordetella AKA Kennel Cough, Even if Vaccinated
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